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For those wishing to contact us via Skype, we now have a new Skype name (internationalschoolmarketing).

The University of Haifa and Georgia State offer a joint program in which studetns from Haifa will be studying in Georgia in an effort to bring an Israeli presence to the classroom.

Jewish day schools have a need for teachers who can deliver lessons in Hebrew. The University of Haifa has a desire to establish an international identity and presence. Georgia State University has a high-quality school of education but a low profile in the Jewish community. A new program is creating a win-win-win situation by addressing all three situations. 

Please check out the following article featuring this initiative, click here.




The Israeli system of higher education has played a fundamental role in the economic and social success of the country, where Israel has now earned its position in the top class of global scholarship in a number of academic fields. In Israel, high-quality and relatively low-cost first and second degrees attract a range of students from all over the world who want to benefit from Israel’s dynamic, diverse and well-established learning environment. We invite you to join us here at Haifa University, where an ideal Mediterranean location and a diverse student community provide a conducive setting for those serious about personal and global development, and the pursual of knowledge. Read more about the University here.


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We welcome all International School Students starting Fall 2015 Semester!