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Tuition and Fees

Billing and Payment Options

Refund Policy

Tuition and Fees

Prices include Israeli health insurance as well as social and cultural activities.

2018-2019  Programs Tuition Dormitories
Single Double
Full Academic Year $11,700 $3,600 $2,560
Full Academic Year + Internship $12,550 $3,600 $2,560
Fall Semester $7,000 $1,575 $1,120
Semester Internship $1,300 -------- --------

Intensive Winter Ulpan

(** Dormitories for the Winter Ulpan are only available for full-time students staying on for the spring semester)

$1,400 $450** $320**

Spoken Arabic Intensive Winter Program

(** Dormitories for the Spoken Arabic Intensive Winter Program are only available for full-time students staying on for the spring semester)

$1,400 $450** $320**
Spring Semester $7,000 $2,025 $1,440
Spring Internship Program $7,700 $2,475 $1,760
Language Only (per semester)* $1,000 Not Available
Language Only (per semester)* for Israelies

Not Available

 Individual Course 3 credits (per semester)*


 Not Available

June Hebrew Course $1,200



July Courses- 1 Course $1,600



July Courses- 2 Courses $3,000



Supplement for Study Tour $500



July Language Program $1,400


August: Models of Mentorship in Education Practice $1,600


August Language Program $1,400


July and August Language Programs $2,000


August: The Mediterranean: Past, Present, and Future $1,600


September Study Tour $2,500


Summer Innovation Academic Tour $2,700***

*Students studying language only or an individual course for the semester are part time students and the fee does not include Israeli health insurance or student activity fees. Israeli health insurance for all part time students is mandatory please see below for costs:

Semester: $260

Academic Year: $570

** Dormitories for the Winter Ulpan and the Spoken Arabic Intensive course are only available for students staying on for the spring semester. 

***Tuition for the Summer Innovation Academic Tour is all-inclusive, flight ticket is not included.

 Please Note: 

  • All fees are in US Dollars.
  • There is a non-refundable $80application fee per academic year for all programs
  • Students are required to make a $250 non-refundable deposit within 30 days of acceptance to the program. (For summer courses, deposit is per course).
  • Tuition fees for semester and year full-time programs as well as winter ulpan and summer programs include social activity fees and health insurance.
  • Dormitory accommodationsare available during the one-year, semester and degree programs only to those students enrolled in full-time programs of study. Dormitories are also available for students during summer programs based on availability.
  • Meal plans are not provided in the dorms; students should plan to spend $500-$600 per month for food, independent travel, and incidental expenses. You may need a bit more for the first month to cover initial purchases of household items and books.
  • Interested students are permitted to take up to two courses on an individual payment basis in any one semester. These students will be considered part-time students. Part-time students are not eligible for campus housing and can not use campus services such as the library. Students who are interested in taking more than two courses will need to apply as full-time students and will pay the fees of full-time students.
  • Exchange Students and Exchange MA Students:

    Please note: Exchange students must pay, dorm fees (if living in dorms), activities fees, and health insurance. Exchange students are not eligiable for scholarships and financial aid.

    • MA students who choose to enroll in English-language courses (up to two courses only) from the University of Haifa International School masters’ programs are not eligible for On-Campus housing. This is because these courses are on a different semester schedule than regular Study Abroad courses as well as the campus dorms schedule. Therefore, students in MA courses should seek Off-Campus housing options near the university.



1. You are required to submit a non-refundable deposit within two weeks of receiving your invoice, unless notified otherwise, in order to secure your enrollment in the International School. The amount of the non-refundable deposit as well as the date due will be listed in the invoice that you receive after being accepted. This amount will be deducted from your tuition.


2. An invoice will be sent to your e-mail account upon acceptance to the program. After each payment, an updated invoice will be sent to you reflecting all payments made.


3. The full payment for the program must be received no later than two weeks before the start of the program, unless notified otherwise. If you have not completed your payment, you will not be permitted to participate in courses.


4. All fees are payable in U.S. Dollars, Euros, or Israeli Shekels. If you choose to pay in Euros or Israeli Shekels, payment must be made according to the conversion rate on the day you pay. However, the amount credited to your account will be based on the conversion rate on the day the payment is received and deposited in Haifa (based on the official rate of the Bank of Israel). If there is a difference between the amount credited and the actual cost of the program, you will be expected to pay the difference.


5. You may pay your fees in one of the following ways:


a. The preferred way for us is a personal or bank check made payable to the University of Haifa.


b. Cash: Please be prepared with the exact amount as we cannot guarantee that we will be able to make change.


c. Bank transfer to:


Bank Hapoalim

Branch - 562

University of Haifa – Account 186484

SWIFT address: Poalilit

IBAN: IL18-0125-6200-0000-0186-484


*If you pay by bank transfer, you must send the International School by fax or e-mail a copy of the bank transfer receipt. Please note that it will take at least one week for us to receive notification of your bank transfer. Please also note that the receiving bank may charge extra fees, in which case we will ask you to pay such additional fees upon arrival.




  1. If scholarship funds have not been received by the University of Haifa before the first day of the program, you will be required to pay the amount due. The University of Haifa will issue you a refund once the scholarship funds are received. If the University of Haifa was notified of scholarship funds before payments are made, such funds will be deducted from the tuition fees due and will be reflected in the bill.


  2. All scholarships should be made payable to the University of Haifa and mailed to:

Admissions Office

International School

University of Haifa

                                      Haifa 3498838, Israel




Please note: Any student who wishes to cancel his participation or withdraw from a programof study at the University of Haifa must notify the International School in writing. The date of cancellation/withdrawal will be the date that the International School receives notification.


  1. Application Fee: There is no refund of the application fee.
  1. Tuition and Activities Fees: Please see below
  1. Program and Dormitory Deposits: There is no refund for both types of deposits


Full Time Semester/Academic Year Programming:


Withdrawal prior to the first day of class: Full refund of all fees paid other than the non-refundable deposit for the current program/semester, and a refund of all fees for additional programs/semesters.


Withdrawal within the first three days of classes: 75% refund of all fees paid other than the non-refundable deposit for the currentprogram/semester, and a refund of all fees for additional programs/semesters.


After three days: No refunds whatsoever for the current semester can be made, including the deposit for the current program/semester. A refund for alladditional programs/semesters will be made in full.



Part Time/Intensive/ Summer Programming:


Withdrawal prior to the first day of class or within the first three days of class: 25% refund of all fees paid other than the non-refundable deposit for the current program/semester. A refund of all fees for additional programs/semesters will be made in full.


After three days: No refunds for the current program can be made. A refund for alladditional programs/semesters will be made in full with the exclusion of the non-refundable deposit for the current program/semester.


       Dormitory Fees:

Withdrawal prior to arrival: Full refund of dormitory fees minus non-refundable deposit.


Withdrawal within three days of residency: Refund for two weeks of the dormitory feefor that month.


After three days: Refunds for the current month cannot be made. If additional months ofresidence in the dormitory are cancelled in advanced, fees for the additional months will be refunded in full.





If a student has received a scholarship and decides to withdraw from the program, the International School will contact the scholarship source to determine whether scholarship funds should be refunded to the student or to the organization that granted the scholarship.





  1. Bank Fee: Bounced checks incur a $50 fee.


  2. Collection Fees: The University of Haifa may utilize the services of an attorney and/orcollection agent to collect any amount past due, and you will be charged an additional amount equal to the cost of the collection as well as any other fees incurred by the University of Haifa.




The University of Haifa reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any student whose conduct or academic standing warrants such action. In the event that a student is asked to leave the program, no refund whatsoever will be granted to the student.



All exchange students are required to pay the following fees:

    1. Activity
    2. Dormitories (including the non-refundable deposit)
    3. Mandatory Health Insurance




The University of Haifa reserves the right to change and or cancel any program up until one month before the start of that specific program.

Prices for courses are also subject to change from one academic year to another. Therefore, participant invoices are subject to change in accordance to new prices.



Study Abroad Staff


Director, Study Abroad

Ms. Michal Morgenstern Laor



Undergraduate Marketing and Recruitment

Ms. Michal Gottlieb

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Academic Advisor

Dr. Miryam Sivan



Undergraduate Admission

Mr Jason Hochman



Student Affairs Coordinator

Ms. Sivan Shovaly



Finance Director

Ms. Keren Hashimshony


     Meet Our Students

Molly K

      Molly Karten 21, University of Texas Austin, Texas USA

      Why Haifa?

I chose to study at the University of Haifa because I wanted something different. Although Haifa is the third largest city in Israel, a lot of people I know have never been there. I have found since living here that it is one of the most diverse cities in Israel and there is so much to explore! The University of Haifa is not your typical university. As an international student, I’ve met not only other Americans, but also people from Europe, Africa, and Central America.

       What do you like most about Haifa?

     I love the variety of courses I get to take and the chance to study Hebrew with a native Hebrew speaker. The administrative staff at the International school are amazing and so helpful, they are like your home away from home. Lastly, the environment in Haifa is beautiful. I wouldn’t change my experience abroad for any other place!

     Meet Our Students

Peter Kellner

Peter Kellner 22, Boston University Vermont, USA

Why Haifa?

I decided to come and study at the University of Haifa because it seemed like a fantastic opportunity to immerse myself in a completely new culture as well as to see the State of Israel, something of importance to me because of my Judaism. 

Favorite Arabic Word?


      What do you like most about Haifa?

What I like most about Haifa are the beautiful views from the top of the carmel, you get to see the sea, and the entire city below.  Its especially beautiful at night atop the main building. I also really like being surrounded by different cultures, and being able to interact with Arabs and Druze.