The University of Haifa

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The University of Haifa, established in 1972, is an academic institution whose initial and central function is to carry out excellent academic teaching and research. This is showcased in its various interdisciplinary and international programs and through its collaborations with academic institutions worldwide.

The University of Haifa is a developing and dynamic institution with a world-renowned reputation in many different fields of research. Notably, it is the leading university in Israel in the fields of the Humanities, Social Sciences, Law, Welfare and Health Sciences, Natural Sciences, Education and Management.  In addition, the university was selected by the Council for Higher Education in Israel as a leader in the field of Marine Research as well as the field of Education in a Networked Society. The university also offers 20 English-language international academic programs, which attract excellent students from Israel and around the world.  campus small

The University is situated atop Mount Carmel, where Haifa’s southern boundary verges on the Carmel National Park, providing a picturesque natural campus landscape where over 18,000 students come to study for their undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees.

Our faculty and student population is unique in its composition.  We host an exciting and inspiring cultural mosaic of secular and religious Jews, Christian and Muslim Arabs, Druze and Bedouins, new immigrants, native Israelis and a growing number of international students and staff. The University of Haifa is the most pluralistic institution of higher learning in Israel and serves as an example of how excellent research and teaching can be conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect and inclusion. This is our contribution to the State of Israel and its continued strength.

The University’s mission is to foster academic excellence in an atmosphere of tolerance and multiculturalism – an environment which contributes to excellent research and to exceptional, creative and productive alumni – while strengthening Israel’s northern region for the benefit of Israel as a whole. We view this mission as being of strategic importance to the continued existence and prosperity of the State of Israel.

"Green" campus

GreenCampusIn 2008, the University of Haifa was officially recognized as a “Green Campus” and regards environmental sustainability as an integral part of its organizational culture. Recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection awarded the University the highest “Green Campus” certification. The University is the only academic institution in Israel that is certified for its outstanding environmental management standards and is the only university that voluntarily reports its greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the University is a member of the Forum for Health Promotion in the Workplace and submitted an employee wellness work plan. As part of the University’s commitment to meeting the ISO 14001 (environmental management system) standards, the soil on campus is tested regularly for leaks and contamination, as well, the waste oil from the food court is transported to authorized disposal facilities.


Accessibility Project

The University of Haifa takes pride in its commitment to a diverse learning culture and is working hard to improve accessibility for all disabled persons – students, staff, and visitors. In recent years, the University has intensified efforts to improve accessibility to lecture halls, classrooms, parking areas, restrooms, and dormitories. In addition, signs for the visually impaired have been installed around the campus and many classrooms are now equipped with audio systems for the hearing impaired.


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